Travis Breeden who is this man what is he running for, well let me tell you . Travis is running for the State Representative for the 76th district against the incumbent Lance Yednock. Travis grew up in the fine village of Utica. Travis has a little bit of a political background, being a precinct committeemen since 2008, as well as assisted in a few Republican campaigns.

What is this Travis going to do if he is elected? Well first off, he wants to first see the state grow jobs and stop seeing industries leaving the state of Illinois. He also wants to fight and defend the tax payers of the 76th district by fighting for lower taxes, and stopping the states wasteful spending. He also plans to educate the voters on the effects of the income tax constitutional amendment on the November 2020 ballot . Travis is also very pro-life and will defend the life of an unborn child. He is also pro second amendment.

If you are interested in a man who would look out for the 76th district and not looking to keep on the Madigan band wagon, I would go with Travis Breeden. Travis has come out and basically said that he will defend the 76th district, and fight so that Chicago politics don’t hurt the people of the 76th district. Travis is a man who would be there for his constituents, and as such he would not take a state pension or health insurance. As well as he would not look to be reimbursed for mileage going to Springfield and back. Travis Breeden is looking for your vote. Will you let him defend the 76th District?,

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